The Hambourg Conservatory of Music was a private institution established in 1911 by the internationally famous Russian piano pedagogue, Professor Michael Hambourg.

Located in a mansion at the northeast corner of Sherbourne and Wellesley Streets in Toronto, the spacious rooms and high ornate ceilings provided an ideal venue.

On the grand main stairway was a bronze statue of Mercury holding a torch which lit the way to the upper regions. Busts and reproductions of the great composers adorned the studios, and the hallways were festooned with inscribed photos of famous musicians and composers together with posters, caricatures, concert programs and other memorabilia.

This site will tell you about the illustrious history of the Conservatory and the family that created and nurtured it.

Obituary tribute to Boris Hambourg by Elie Spivak, from the Arts and Letters Club, Dec. 1954

Suggested reading - Koch, Eric:The Brothers Hambourg, Robin Brass Press, Toronto, c.1997

Hambourg Centennial Celebration at the Arts & Letters Club, April 4, 2011

The Hambourg Trio Jan, Mark, Boris
acrylic 24"x32" by Edward Hausmann

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